Physical properties tests of paper and cardboard

Paper and Paper Board The types of test for paper and paper boards are almost the same. But there is ascertain test like stiffness which is conducted for paper board only. Significance and Tests of Important Parameters 1. Grammage Significance: It specifies the mass of a unit area of a sheet of paper or paper board and it is expressed in gms per square meter. Test Method: The test method is described in Indian Standard 1060-Part-I (1987). Cut the test specimen of size 10cm x 10cm and then take the weight in the weighing balance. At least, ten readings are taken and then take the average value and expressed in gms/square meter. 2. Moisture Content Significance: It is necessary to understand the presence of moisture content in the paper which affect the other properties of paper such as printing, absorbency etc. Test Method: This test method is described in Indian Standard IS 1060-Part-I (1987). 3. Thickness Significance: This test is important to measure the thickness of an individual s